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      董事長寄語 Chairman Message


      Chairman Zhang Yueming’s New Year Message of 2018


      When the flowers bloom, the right time comes. When the colorful swallows greet spring, luck comes.


      With the surging spring of 2018, the magnificent picture of the new era is slowly unfolding. The original intention to lead fashion and the ambition to advance forward are melted into the soft leather, fur coat and fashionable dress, which open up a new journey for the fashion industry.


      The new journey is accompanied by a new mission. The new mission that has been given to us is Haining’s top-level design to develop the fashion economy and fashion industry. It also originates from the consumers’ aspirations for a better life and the industry’s voice for improving fashion quality and making it bigger and stronger. Pulling up the benchmark, and taking advantage of the situation, we naturally can draw the concentric circle and form the aggregation force.


      The new mission is accompanied by new goals. More than 20 years of effort and endeavor have led to the fashion capital of leather. With the great changes in the mode of industrial development and market competition, goal orientation and problem orientation remind us to promote the pioneering spirit, the spirit of struggle, and the spirit of dedication. In the next step, we must build the autumn and winter fashionable dress capital while consolidating the fashion capital of leather and realize the expansion from the leather and fur coat to the big fashionable dress and big fashion, so as to realize the leap of era of Haining Leather City.


      New goals require new initiatives. To this end, we will focus on the construction of the three centers of international raw and auxiliary materials center, design center, and wholesale center, further strengthen international cooperation, lay a solid foundation for offline development, expand space online, and strive to optimize and make efficient use of configuration. On the whole, Haining Leather City will be built into an industrial innovation service complex with strong innovation ability, high international cooperation standards and high-quality talents.


      New initiatives require new commitments. Only by being based on reality, highlighting key points, tackling and strengthening weakness, integrating the sense of mission and sense of urgency of “Building two capitals,” leading the fashion into our concept and translating concept into our actions and doing work in earnest with vision of development and responsibility can we break the bottleneck, solve problems, and achieve a new round of major development.


      My creation is as beautiful and exquisite as the heavenly-woven brocade and can’t be achieved easily---- The core of creating an “Upgraded Version” of Haining Leather City lies in the power of fashion. The source of fashion power lies in reform, exploration, innovation, and hard work! To this end, we must take a broad and long-term view to plan the development of the fashion economy and the fashion industry, think beyond the limits of planning the industry based on the industry, conduct in-depth research, scientific layout and in-depth implementation with global mindset, digital thinking, innovative perspective and humanity, so as to bring out a new road!


      In the new era, we will bravely stand in the forefront of fashion, create a trendy city and strive to be the fashion city in the country - we will always be on the road!

      全國分市場 Nationwide ?chain markets
      • 海寧中國皮革城總機:0573-87010001
        Haining China leather city switchboard: 0573-87010001
      • 網站服務熱線:0573-87219968
        Website service hotline: 0573-87219968
      • 旅游客服熱線:0573-87219920
        Tourist service hotline: 0573-87219920
      • 客戶服務中心熱線:0573-87219315
        Customer service center hotline: 0573-87219315



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